Accounting Department Contact:

Amy Bruit, CFO
Accounting Department Director
Phone: (318) 992-2717

The Accounting Department is responsible for all financial transactions of the Tribe.

Their primary role is to ensure the financial well-being of our Tribe. The Accounting Department maintains financial records for all Tribal Businesses, and is responsible for maintaining cashflow, payroll, and all financial controls. Monthly reports are maintained and submitted to the Tribal Council on all Business Entities and Casino Revenue. Accounting is also responsible for oversight of all funded Grants. The Grants Project Director oversees all grants awarded to the Tribe and is responsible for documenting payments and expenditures, ensuring compliance, reviewing proposals, educating staff on necessary grant policies, and preparing financial reports as required. Our Accounting Department has talented and knowledgeable employees with many years of experience that are dedicated for the current and future generations of our Tribe.

Accounting Department:

Candy Barton, Grants Project Director, cbarton
Tereasa Clarkson, Accounting Clerk, tclarkson
Anita Stuckey, Accounting Clerk, astuckey
Judy Bailey, Accounting Clerk/Admin. Assistant, jbailey