Accounting Department Contact:

Amy Bruit, CFO
Accounting Director
Phone: (318) 992-2717

Accounting Department:

Amy Bruit, Accounting Director/CFO
Judy Bailey, Accounting Admin. Assistant
Ileen McGuffee, Grants Project Director
Tereasa Clarkson, Accounting Clerk
Anita Stuckey, Accounting Clerk


Welcome to the Accounting Department, where we are committed to ensuring the financial stability of our Tribe. Our team plays a critical role in maintaining accurate financial records for all Tribal businesses and overseeing cash flow, payroll, and financial controls. We believe that our work is essential for the success of our Tribe, and we take our responsibilities seriously. Our team prepares monthly reports for the Tribal Council on all Business Entities and Casino Revenue, providing a comprehensive overview of our financial performance. We prioritize transparency and accountability, ensuring that our reports are clear and accurate to help identify areas for improvement.

Additionally, our Accounting Department oversees all funded Grants, with the Grants Project Director responsible for documenting payments and expenditures, ensuring compliance, reviewing proposals, educating staff on necessary grant policies, and preparing financial reports as required. We understand the importance of these grants and work hard to ensure that they are used effectively to benefit our Tribe and its members.

Our Accounting Department is staffed by a team of talented and experienced individuals who are dedicated to serving both current and future generations of our Tribe. We believe that financial stability is key to our Tribe's success, and we strive to provide the best financial services possible. Our work is not just about numbers but about people, and we take pride in serving our Tribe with integrity, honesty, and professionalism. In conclusion, the Accounting Department is a crucial part of our Tribe's success, and we are committed to providing high-quality financial services to ensure our financial stability and growth for generations to come.