Contact Information

EPA Director

Lillie Williamson
lwilliamson @jenachoctaw.org

Our Mission

The Environmental Department was created in November 2000. Funding is provided by the General Assistance Program (GAP) by the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency. Our mission is the protection and preservation of land, air, and water on Tribal lands within Tribal Jurisdiction, to promote education and awareness, and to serve as a liaison for the Tribal Community on local, tribal, state, and Federal levels.

Indian Health Services Sanitation Facilities Construction Program began at the Tribe in 1999 and funding is provided by IHS on an annual allocation that's shared amongst the 4 Federally Recognized Tribes in Louisiana. The mission of the Sanitation Department is to provide essential sanitation facilities, such as safe drinking water and adequate sewage systems to the Tribe's Service area.

The Emergency Response Department began in 2002. Unfortunately, this department receives no grant funding but is supported by the Tribe, BIA/IHS--Emergency Services, USET Emergency Services, Governor's Office of Homeland Security, FEMA Region 6, and other tribes. The mission of this department is to assist the tribal community before, during and after, for the protection of life and property in the event of a disaster.