For more information, contact:

Casey Bigpond,  Director of Cultural Affairs

Johnna Flynn, THPO

PHONE: (318) 992-1205


Our Mission

The THPO/Cultural Department covers a multitude of jobs and events.  The two main jobs of the THPO/Cultural Department are to protect Tribal lands by participating in Section 106 with other Tribes and Government Agencies and to protect the Culture and Heritage of the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians.  We have worked hard to re-establish the JBCI language by having classes taught by native speakers to teach Tribal Members their language.  We host events throughout the year that enable Tribal Members to learn different crafts and traditions that have been a part of this Tribe as far back as anyone can remember.  We also put together the Pow Wow in the Pines.

The JBCI Tribal Library & Research Center is a Tribally controlled entity that is run by the Cultural Department. The mission of the Library & Research Center is to be available to Tribal Members, Spouses, and Children to provide educational opportunities and services to the people of the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians.  The Library & Research Center is a place that students and non-students of all ages will have a quiet place to go to check out books, do research, and Tribal Members will have access to our archives.  We want to have an area for those that may not have available internet to be able to go and do research on projects, whether related to schoolwork or projects of your own.

The mission of our Archives and Collections is to help protect and revive our Culture that has been lost throughout the years, to enforce our Sovereignty, and educate our surrounding Tribal Community on the Tribal history, migration, removal, and traditional values, teachings, and stories. 

The Jena Band of Choctaw Indians THPO/Cultural Department collects, preserves, and encourages Cultural revitalization to keep our Tribal Community strong and well informed on what our ancestors endured in our earliest years. 

Cultural Department Events