To provide quality education by encouraging, assisting, and preparing tribal members with an educational experience at all levels that will produce positive and successful changes in their lives and community.


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Our Mission

To promote the highest quality of services and benefits to tribal members by enhancing their mental, economic and social wellbeing; and help connect tribal members to appropriate services by respecting tribal culture and empowering individuals and families through knowledge and commitment.


Our Education Department has program assistance on several levels to help our tribal members of all ages.

If you are interested or have a question regarding the Education Department’s programs, please contact us at 318.992.0136 or email


The NAVAP provides victims of crime assistance through direct services, counseling, referrals, supporting victims with emotional and phisical needs, and stabalizing their lives after victimization. Our Victim Assistance Coordinator is trained to help the victim understand and participate in the cruminal justice system and provide security and safety within their homes or emergency shelter. Priority is given to spousal abused viccctims, sexual assault, child abuse, and the underserved victims.

We want to reduce the stigma and shame of Tribal violence and encourage Tribal members to seek help. If you are a victim and need help, contact our Victim Assistance Coordinator at 318.992.0363.

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Higher Education Financial Assistance Program (HFEAP) provides supplemental financial assistance to eligible JBCI members entering an accredited college, university, or equal institution seeking an associate or baccalaureate degree.

Our Higher Education Financial Assistance Program (HEFAP) allows our members, young and old, to further their education. Tribal members can contact the Education Department and request an application prior to attending college, university, or equal institution. Upon submission of the application, the department will verify all documents for processing. Our students must maintain specific requirements under our Policy and Procedures Manual to retain assistance from the Tribe.


  • Students seeking assistance must comply with the following eligibility criteria:

  • A student must be a member of the Jena Band of Choctaw Indians.

  • A student must claim status with only one federally recognized Tribe.

  • A student must be accepted for admission to an accredited institution of higher education, which provides a course of study granting an Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Arts or Science degree.

  • A student must provide a letter of acceptance from the institution.

  • A student must receive a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or higher per semester.

  • A student receiving less than a 2.0 GPA per semester will be subject to review.


The Vocational Assistance Training Program provides Tribal members the opportunity to learn a trade from a Vo-Tech school to obtain a job in their community. Vo-tech offers training in air conditioning repair, appliance repair, automotive technology, business, or nursing. Contact the Education Department for more information.


Graduating students receive $200 monetary rewards for their prestigious accomplishments by submitting their diploma or GED to the Education Department.

The Graduating Senior Program allows up to $500 for a senior ring, cap, gown, invitations, photos, etc. Students must purchase the item then submit the receipt to the Education Department for reimbursement up to $500.


The Tutoring Program is offered to tribal students in 1st – 12th grades needing extra assistance. The program is provided bi-weekly during the school year. We make a considerable effort to provide a tutor for each student’s specific grade level and learning needs.


Back to School Assistance Program is available to enroll Tribal school children. The “Back-to-School-Bingo” activity is held at the beginning of each school year for all students. To receive a gift card, the enrolled tribal student must be registered in a public, private, or home school curriculum as a Head Start, Pre-K, kindergarten, or 1st – 12th grade. All students enrolling in school for the first time or changing schools must provide documentation of school enrollment. Gift cards for the “out of service” area students will be certified mailed the first week of July before each school year.

Please ensure your mailing address is current by contacting the JBCI main office at 318.992.2717.


Our grade incentive program gives the enrolled Tribal students in 1st through 12th grades the desire to achieve the monetary rewards at the end of each six weeks. Students receive $10 for “A’s” and $5 for “B’s,” plus a $25 bonus for all “A’s.” The student may submit their report cards at the end of each six weeks, the school’s grading schedule, or the school year. Students may submit report cards to the Education Department by Tuesday to process the grade incentives and ensure post-marked by Friday of the same week.

The report cards must be submitted before July 15th of the post-school year to receive the grade incentive. Report cards submitted after July 15th, post-school year, will not be processed.

Home school students will need to provide their home school curriculum to the Education Department before processing grade incentives.

Report cards can be mailed, emailed, or dropped off at the Education Department. However, holidays, incorrect addresses, or departmental priorities may delay the process. The Education Department will make every effort to expedite the process.