Paul M Hebert Law Center (LSU) Juris Doctor

Louisiana Tech University B.S. in Finance

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551 Tuska Hina Street, Trout, LA 71371

P.O. Box 14, Jena, LA 71342


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Tribal Legal Office

The legal department is responsible for providing legal counsel and guidance to the Tribal Council on a wide range of legal issues. One of the primary responsibilities is advising the Tribal Council on all legal issues related to Class II and Class III gaming, compact negotiations, the fee-to-trust applications, sovereign immunity and limited waivers, developing tribal law, Federal court decisions, intergovernmental agreements, general contracts, and loan documents.

The legal department is also responsible for reviewing all contracts between the Jena Choctaw Indian Gaming Authority and third parties. This includes coordinating with management to ensure that the required financial and AUP audits mandated by the NIGC are completed in a timely manner. The legal department also assists management with patron claims and employee benefits and claims.

Another important responsibility of the legal department is to assist the Tribal Court with in-take, tort claims, worker’s compensation claims, Indian Welfare Act matters, and family law. This includes providing legal guidance to the Tribal Court in these matters and representing the Tribal Council and the Gaming Authority in court when necessary.

Overall, the legal department plays a crucial role in ensuring that the Jena Choctaw Tribe operates in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations while protecting the interests of the tribe and its members.